Directors' Insurance

You may land in hot water if a claim is made
against you. Can you afford the risk?

Directors' & Officers'

Whilst a company's liability may be limited, the liability of a Director for a wrongful act is not! Directors of companies are increasingly treated as professional people and the duty of care expected by stakeholders in a company means that a Director can find themselves liable for the decisions they make in their capacity as a Director of the firm.

The Companies Act (2006) makes further demands on Director's responsibilities, so that liability may now arise from a lack of care and skill in the performance of their duties.

As a result, many non-executive Directors today, would not join a board without the protection of Directors' & Officers' Insurance.

Some features:

  • Full buy-online facilities, including instant quotes from Lloyd’s insurers.
  • Various Indemnity levels to choose from £100k - £5,000,000.
  •  New starts ups can be catered for.
  • Residents associations and other trustees.
  • Charities and other volunteer organisations.
  • Discounts are available for Directors who arrange multiple policies or sit on multiple boards.
  • Access to the Lloyd's market for larger concerns, and those with international operations.  
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