Employer's Liability Insurance

For when the fire alarm is
your chef's timer.


Employers' Liability Policy

Buy online now as part of a package of commercial insurances – for those who require it on a contingency or stand-along basis, this can be arranged separately.

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Employers Liability – the facts: 

If you employ anyone on a full or part-time, casual or informal basis you are required by law to hold an Employers Liability policy.

This is compulsory, rather like motor insurance, and you should display the certificate at any place of work. Severe penalties can apply if you do not arrange this insurance.

Premiums for small business are based on "in full" premiums. Larger companies are based on wages paid and annual turnover.

Usually Employers Liability will come as part of a package, including Public Liability and cover for your shop, workshop or office – all of which can arrange through our buy online system.