Martial Arts Insurance

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Martial Arts Insurance

There are few insurance schemes out there that cater for the martial arts industry. Of those that do claim to offer Martial Arts Insurance, there is always some ambiguity over what is covered and what could leave you exposed to paying a costly claim.

This policy, constructed with leading London Market Insurers, we have created a policy that offers some of the most flexible and wide-ranging cover on the market. You can buy online, and we cater for organisations of all sizes, from the large associations, right through to the individual instructors.

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Main Cover Details

- Flexible policies, which can be tailored online.

- Public Liability with options for £1M, £2M, £5M and £10M

- Employer’s liability

- Professional indemnity

- Products liability for equipment & merchandise you sell.

- Events cover available

- London Market Insurer

- Available to: Associations, Federations, Organisations, Academies & Schools that can purchase insurance cover for instructors, students and events.

- Individual instructors and independents can also purchase policies themselves

We can offer substantial discounts on Martial Arts Insurance to the large groups as they have the mass volume of members requiring cover. However we do have a club package for those who wish to stay independent.

Further Cover Details

We not only provide annual policies to cover your teaching / training work, but also can provide specific policies to cover individual events, or a series of events and tournaments that you wish covered on a master policy.

Martial Arts Events & Tournaments We Cover

• Pursed or Professional Events

• All Levels of Amateur Martial Arts

• Amateur Events