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Crash Repair Insurance

We have a long history of insuring crash repairers and panel beaters – everything from one-man band mobile mechanics right through to substantial workshops focusing on niche repairs. When a driver has had an accident, they rely on you to get them back on the road quickly. But unexpected problems and accidents can happen in your businesses too.

At Clegg Gifford, we put the tailored crash repair service insurance you need in place to protect you from the risks that are specific to your business, whether it’s theft, an employee injury or professional negligence.

What Kind of Cover Do You Need?

Whether you work as a part-time panel beater or have your own repair centre, you don’t want to be limited in regards to the activities you can do. Our flexible crash repair service insurance policies can provide the cover you need for work you do alongside your main trade, whether that’s buying and selling, vehicle recovery or running and MOT centre

Typically, there is certain protection crash repairers will put in place. That includes employers’ liability, garage liability insurance and business property insurance. However, there are also a number of extras we can include to tailor your cover to you.

The Additional Cover Available

We understand your industry and get to know your business so we can help determine what coverage fits you best. Typical additions to our policies include:

  • Public and employers’ liability up to £10 million indemnity level
  • Equipment, machinery and plant – high sums insured
  • Engineering inspection
  • Road risks for motor trade including recovery and movement of customers’/own vehicles and extensions for secondary activities such as buying and selling
  • Office contents and other equipment, as well as stock
  • Money cover, business interruption and theft 
  • Buildings
  • Own vehicles covered including personal and business vehicles
  • Marine cover for goods in transit

How Can We Help?

When you run a crash repair service there’s rarely time to think about insurance, which is where we can help. We get to know your business before tailoring your cover to provide all the protection you need in one flexible, affordable policy. Request a quote or for more information, please get in touch with our team.

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