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Long Stay Parker Insurance

A variation on our popular ‘car jockey’ cover, our long stay parker insurance allows you and your staff to move customer vehicles left in your control. That makes it perfectly suited to airport, ferry terminal and other car park based risks. However, it also accommodates further usages, including hotels, clubs, restaurants, event organisers and festival and wedding parkers.

Why Do You Need Long Stay Parker Insurance?

Despite not driving the customers’ vehicles for any length of time, there is still potential for accidents, and as we sometimes see in the press, they can and do happen. Any trips you take on the road need cover. And, with some potentially high-value cars in the hands of you and your employees, it’s essential you have adequate protection in place. 

At Clegg Gifford Insurance, we provide road risks, parking risks and liability cover, including all the protection you need in a single, flexible and affordable policy that’s tailored to meet your needs. 

What Type of Cover Do We Provide?

As well as all the standard protection you would expect to see in a long stay parker insurance policy, we can also provide a range of additional covers that includes:

• Flexible customer vehicle indemnity limits
• Static parking risks
• Full value of all vehicles at one location
• Specified driver, any authorised driver and any employee policies
• Multiple premises
• Public and employers’ liability
• Office, contents and equipment
• Other usages for the directors/principals of the firm including social, domestic and pleasure use for company vehicles and personal vehicles used for business
• And much more…

We also consider giving ‘commercial consideration’, which provides cover beyond the standard refines of your policy. Basically, it’s a contingency insurance that ensures that should something happen to a valued customer’s vehicle where there’s doubt as to the fault, our commercial consideration extension ensures there are no protracted arguments about liability. This reduces the damage to your relationship with that customer.

How Can We Help?

Whether you’re an individual working as a long stay parker from home or an employer with a business premises, we get to know your business to tailor a policy that meets your specific needs. We also work quickly and efficiently, providing friendly, professional service so you can get back to work. Request a quote or for more information, please get in touch with our team. 


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