Professional Indemnity Insurance

For times when things don't go quite to plan.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

A Professional indemnity insurance policy will typically offer cover for compensation in the event you need to pay to correct a mistake or cover any legal costs due to your professional negligence i.e. such as giving incorrect advice or making a mistake in your work.

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Key Features:

  • Buy online with options for £250k cover up to £2M available automatically. Higher amounts available on referral (if required).  
  • Wide range of trades covered
  • Full mid-term adjustments including adding employees
  • Referral options for larger risks and unusual occupations. For these risks an underwriter will underwrite your policy and if approved you can still buy online.
  • Online renewal
  • Instant documents issued on payment
  • Free SMS Confirmation

 Do you need professional indemnity insurance?

If you provide advice to your clients or provide a professional service there is always the threat of an unhappy client who may wish to claim against you for negligence arising from some professional function or service you performed for them.

You should also be aware that if you are responsible for handling data belonging to a client or business or are responsible for a client’s intellectual property then you may also be labile for any loss or damage resulting from a failure to handle or secure that data / property properly. 

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