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Scrap Metal Van Insurance

We arrange insurance for licensed scrap metal dealers, as well as those carrying waste and other recyclable goods.

From the one-man band through to the company with several vehicles we have lots of different scrap metal firms on our books and can build insurance policies with liabilities, cover for equipment and offices as well as professional insurances such as goods-in-transit cover.  

We know the nature of your business and please accept this friendly warning that other insurance companies will give you cover for “hire and reward” or simply “business use” however – we will actually state on your certificate of insurance the nature of your business – most insurers wont, or their systems wont allow this – we tailor our certificates, so if you were to be stopped by police, you can be assured that you have a policy that covers your unique occupation.

We have seen several instances where policyholders were given generic business cover that was inadequate; it pays to come to Clegg Gifford and get a scrap metal insurance policy that is unique to your business.

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Options available:

  • Typically vehicles at 3.5 T , but cover available for 7.5 T or scrap lorries. We will also cover cage trucks and double cab tippers, as well as vehicle transporters and trailers.
  • We can transfer across your ‘no claims bonus’ from other policies and have other options available to you including short-term policies, voluntary excesses, Direct Debit.
  • Comprehensive, Third party fire and theft or Third Party only insurance
  • Our scrap metal van insurance is available for registered, certified, scrap metal dealers holding a current scrap metal dealer licence. However we can look at new ventures and casual scrap / recycling collectors; we will consider all risks on their own merit.
  • Public Liability available up to £10Million level of indemnity.
  • Employers liability
  • Recycling equipment, tools, machinery and office contents