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Taxi Insurance

Our group insures some 44,000 taxis throughout the UK under the "Westminster" brand name. Having been arranging taxi insurance for some 40 years, we know a thing or two about your trade!

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We cover all areas of the UK and fleets of all sizes. We can tailor the different indemnity levels and can quote on drivers of all ages. Whether you are a black cab driver, minicab driver, Private or public Hire – you will find us flexible and our experienced brokers to be most helpful.

  • Public Hire
  • Private Hire
  • Mini-bus up to 17 seats
  • Mini Cab Insurance
  • Short term and single month policies
  • Liability top up, up to £10 Million cover

The best contract on the market, the fastest "get you back on the road" claims service, all done in-house at our offices. There is no call-centre mentality here - you will speak to the same human twice!