The 6 Most Surprising Street Legal Vehicles

The 6 Most Surprising Street Legal Vehicles

30 April 2015, by Anders Riise Koch

Today we’re looking at the unusual cars you might just spot driving down the road if you’re lucky enough. They come in all sizes big and small, but the one thing they have in common is that they are decidedly unexpected.


The 6 Most Surprising Street Legal Vehicles


1. The World’s Smallest Car

worlds smallest car 

Surprisingly, the Wind Up is completely legal to drive on Britain’s roads despite the body being taken from a Postman Pat children’s ride. The car is about the size of a washing machine and features a 150cc engine. It reaches a top speed of 40mph and has a fuel consumption of 70mpg. Whether the car can actually store a gallon of fuel is another story...


2. The Flatmobile

The Flatmobile 

Perry Watkins, the creator of the Wind Up, seems to really have a thing for small vehicles. As if the Wind Up wasn’t enough, he’s also made the world’s lowest street legal car. What really makes the Flatmobile noteworthy though is that it’s powered by a flaming jet engine that can launch the car at up to 100mph.


3. TRON Light Cycle

A street legal replica of the Light Cycles seen in TRON: Legacy was put on sale for $55,000. The bike features an electric engine and electroluminescent lighting trips built into the wheels to provide that famous Light Cycle glow.


4. A Tank

German Army Leopard II  

You might be surprised to learn that you can legally drive a tank on the road. Stephen Ellison spent £14,000 on this 1973 Sabre tank. Before you start to panic about a tank running loose in your neighbourhood, Stephen had to have the gun disabled in order to make the tank legal to drive on the road.


5. The Tramotana R


Tramotana produce sports cars that look like a hybrid between a Formula 1 race car and an escape vehicle for a Bond villain. In order to enter the car, you need to flip up the upper half of the vehicle. Only 12 of these are made each year and the car can reach a top speed of 202mph.


6. The Batmobile


We were surprised to learn that there are multiple street legal Batmobiles around. You’ve already seen the Batmobile-inspired Flatmobile, but these are exact replicas from the films.


A replica of the Batmobile seen in Tim Burton’s adaptation was put on auction in 2013, complete with a working flame thrower in the back.


In 2014, a replica of Batman’s Tumbler as seen in the Dark Knight trilogy went on sale for $1 million. The replica vehicle includes five driver assist cameras and a stereo with iPod and Bluetooth connectivity.


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