Motorists Face Repair Bill Lottery

Motorists Face Repair Bill Lottery

04 August 2015, by Sarah Phillips

It has emerged that where you live can vastly affect how much you pay to have your vehicle repaired


Repairs can vary by as much as 566% it has emerged, with the highest hourly rate coming from West Byfleet in Surrey and the lowest in Swethwick in Birmingham. The average hourly rate in Britain is £83.30 according to research conducted by Warrantywise.

London tops the chart as the area with the average highest rate, whilst Orkney is found to have the lowest average repair hourly rate. Regionally, Scotland charges the lowest hourly rate at £71.42 per hour, whereas perhaps unsurprisingly, London proves to be the most expensive and charges the most at £101.60, the only area to exceed the £100 mark. The UK average is £84.30. The cost not only varies by geographic location, but also the garage used, with some chains charging more than others.

Chief executive of Warrantywise, Laurence Whittaker, said: "Some of the differences Warrantywise has discovered are, frankly, offensive.

"Our business is based on offering our customers the best service, the best advice and the utmost reassurance when it comes to caring for cars, which is why we conducted the survey.

"Our advice is simple: shop around, negotiate and remember that as a paying customer, you are holding the ace cards."

On top of some of the shockingly high figures observed, a recent study suggested that only 30% of drivers plan ahead for repairs, with over 50% relying on credit or savings to cover the cost. The research showed that car owners often budget for mortgages, holidays and household bills but often car maintenance fell to the wayside and over half of respondents would not have the means to repair their vehicles unless they dipped into their savings or funded the repairs on credit. 


Image c/o Kurt Trew