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The straight guide to motor insurance for Ex-Offenders from Clegg Gifford

Getting out and about

Seeing old friends, catching up on news, chilling out, or getting back behind the wheel of a car?  You have paid your debt to society and now you want some normality in your life.

It may not be quite as easy as that.  Is your licence still valid?  Do you have insurance? Where have you been since you last had a policy.  Driving a car on an ‘any driver policy’ or a spouse’s policy is not acceptable anymore. Disclosure of your status as an ex-offender is now a major requirement. Just check the small print. 

Fortunately it is not all doom and gloom, because Clegg Gifford has the experience and connections to get you on the road again quickly with our car insurance for ex-offenders policy..  You can even apply before your release date.  So you can get out and about from day one!

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Convicted Driver Insurance

Out and about on the road

It is busy out there!

All applications for today’s insurance are quite detailed, more than ever before with the effect premiums have generally fallen as insurers get to know more about their clients and their individual requirements. Clegg Gifford will want to know about you. It has a discreet and specialist unit which is sympathetic to your needs. We will not judge you.

There are many areas to search for cover from brokers on the website, but in a recent survey eight out of ten insurers declined to quote.  This is because many companies do not have the experience, or access to the appropriate insurance markets, also a number of offences are never ‘spent’.  

We have over 45 years experience working in the service of ex offenders, so you can be sure that it will put your interests first.

What can you expect from a convicted driver insurance policy?

Honesty, and a higher premium, but from Day 1 you will start to immediately earn a No Claims Discount. So if you do not claim, your premium will reduce after just six months! Clegg Gifford will quote you fairly and quickly.

Higher levels of cover may be available particularly if you are looking to lease a car or purchase a vehicle on a loan.

As we get to know you we can help you to improve your situation. 

What if your circumstances change?

Clegg Gifford tries to be flexible and it is a condition of all insurance policies that you must inform your insurer of any change that might affect the day to day operation of the policy.

It is most important that you reveal at the beginning, all of your circumstances and ongoing, any subsequent changes. Failing to do so the policy will be invalidated and the cancellation will be registered on MID (Motor Insurers Data Base) which is regularly referred to by other insurers and the Police.

Clegg Gifford is here to help and we do not just sell you a policy, we will tailor a policy for you. We are keen to see you back on your feet. Do not be afraid to contact us. 

Can you trust Clegg Gifford? 

We are a Lloyd's of London Broker, one of around 100 firms worldwide allowed to use the title and as such we are continually monitored under the Lloyd's regulations. Under these we are required to disclose to you that certain risks may be arranged using binding authorities granted exclusively to us by underwriters. Furthermore we are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority where you can check on our authorisation. 

Your data will be held discreetly under the terms of the Data Protection Acts as agreed with the Insurance Industry and only to designated staff in our office. There is an established complaints procedure through the Financial Ombudsman Service if there is a problem and we cannot agree with you first. 

What do you do next?

Get in touch by phone, letter or email and Clegg Gifford will start the ball rolling. You will find our contact details at the back of the leaflet. In normal circumstances acceptance will take about 48 hours, providing you have given Clegg Gifford all the information it requires. You can check this out on its web pages. Clegg Gifford has direct access to the Lloyd’s market, we are more likely to get you a competitive quote.

We are here to get you back on the road. 

Can you help me on non-motor insurance?

Yes. As Clegg Gifford has a great deal of experience with ex offenders it can also quote for Buildings and Contents, Work Premises and Professional Liabilities, all you need to do is ask.  If you have a friendly broker and they are having problems quoting your risks, refer them to Clegg Gifford.


This has always been a problem particularly as you feel you have ‘paid your debt’ to society. Refer to the time periods that changed with effect from 10th March 2014.

1. Custodial sentences:

Sentence length

Current rehabilitation period (from date of conviction)

New rehabilitation period (length of sentence plus period below – from end of sentence)

0–6 months

7 years

2 years

6–30 months

10 years

4 years

30 months–4 years

Never spent

7 years

Over 4 years

Never spent

Never spent


2. Non-custodial sentences:


Current rehabilitation period

New rehabilitation period

Community order (and youth rehabilitation order)

5 years (from date of conviction)

1 year (from end of sentence)


5 years

1 year (from date of conviction)

Absolute discharge

6 months


Conditional discharge, referral order, reparation order etc.


Period of order