Household Insurance

"The home should be the treasure chest of living" - Le Corbusier
Protect your most precious asset with our Household Insurance.

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Household Insurance

We have a wide range of household products available. These range from basic contents or Personal Possessions cover up to more sophisticated cover to accommodate for high value buildings and contents.

Our policyholders range from those in their first flat, to those living in castles – the common theme being that they appreciate our level of service and advice on the policy which is right for them.  Certainly for those with a need for a more flexible policy, it pays to speak to one of our experienced staff who will be delighted to advise you on what is available.  

Also it is wortth remembering that a seamless insurance programme we can also combine your motor, household and boat policies, filling the gaps between them all.

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Some features of our household policies:

  • New for old replacement cover
  • Accidental damage
  • Legal expenses
  • Modern day wording
  • Option to include worldwide travel with particular needs of Channel Islands and Isle of Man residents
  • Higher unspecified valuables limits with little need for valuations
  • Cover for contents of vehicles and boats
  • We cater for Properties with an adverse claims record, including access to some Lloyd’s markets that will consider properties threatened by flood.
  • Potential risk – sharing with you taking a higher excess to bring down the premium. 
  • Redundant Jewellery (still All Risks) but at much reduced rates if seldom or never worn
  • Higher inner limits before safe and security requirements needed
  • European homes
  • Personal effects of children whilst at university or living at a mainland UK flat, house or shared address
  • Premiums payable over 12 months