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Motorcycle Insurance

We provide the motorbike community with an array of flexible motorbike insurance policies. For those with more than just one bike – we will cover multiple bikes on the same policy as well as cars, vans and any other vehicle you wish to be included. We also cover motorbike motor trade and can cover casual traders that like the convenience of a motor trade policy

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Some of our popular motorcycle insurance policy features include:

  • Cover any combination of vehicles, including commercial vehicles, motorbikes, kit cars and agricultural or specialist vehicles as well as family and staff vehicles owned by your / your business.
  • A No Claims Bonus earned by each driver; including younger drivers. We can cater for those with an adverse claims record or no bonus.
  • Take a higher excess to bring down the premium you pay.
  • Factor in SORN and seldom used vehicles to provide a cheaper quote.
  • Cover multiple drivers – or have an ‘Any Authorised Driver’ option.
  • Discounts for those who cycle to work, do not commute or are away for substantial periods.
  • Short–term policies.
  • Specially adapted, modified and special usage bikes – including trikes.
  • Commercial work undertaken, we are unique in providing customised certificates for your specific occupation(s). 
  • Unusual policies and requests for flexible cover terms. 
  • Young drivers are covered, and with a parental guarantee for a higher excess – can have substantially reduced premiums.
  • Bonus protection available
  • Driving other bikes / vehicles, both Comprehensive/Third Party cover available
  • Bikes kept permanently abroad
  • Unlimited windscreen cover
  • Quotes for drivers with an adverse record for claims/driving offences
  • Summer time cover only
  • A simple and hassle free renewals procedure
  • A variety of payment options
Also see our Collectors policy under the Motor Trade section