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Motor Fleet Insurance

  • From two vans up to dozens of vehicles and beyond
  • A full range of occupations and vehicle types

Motor Fleet Insurance

Our commercial motor fleet policies are among the most flexible on the market. We can tailor a policy that starts with just two vehicles and we have a wide acceptance of occupations including unusual or mixed business use. Furthermore, we can allow you to add everyday family vehicles to the policy and can extend the usage on those vehicles to include business use plus carriage of goods for hire and reward if required.

Some other policy benefits:

  • Business use of the insured including non-standard and high-risk occupations such as motor trade and scrap dealers.
  • We will consider adding any vehicle to the policy such as motorbikes, horse boxes and kit cars to name a few.
  • Agreed value vehicles can be included.
  • Vehicles kept at different addresses.
  • Varying levels of cover for different vehicles on the policy.
  • Varying excess levels including the option to increase the excess.
  • Your occupation specified on your certificate of insurance if required.
  • Specialist trades/occupations or part-time businesses, including high-risk ventures.
  • Cover for those with an adverse claims record.
  • Criminal convictions, poor credit ratings and insolvency judgements considered.

Looking for Commercial Fleet Insurance Quotes?

Many businesses large and small rely on fleets of vehicles that include everything from cars and vans to HGVs, tractors, diggers and other specialist vehicles for their survival. Managing so many commercial vehicles can be expensive, particularly when it comes to putting the necessary insurance cover in place. Understandably, you want a policy that protects your business in the event of an accident, but you also don’t want to spend a penny more than you need to.

At Clegg Gifford, we can put a single commercial fleet insurance policy in place that provides cover for all your vehicles. Every policy is tailored to meet the specific requirements of your business, with varying levels of cover for certain vehicles and those kept in separate locations.

To start your insurance quote, just click the ‘Get Quote’ button on this page. We’ll ask you for a few details about you, your business and your vehicles before tailoring a best-fit policy to meet your needs. Alternatively, please get in touch to discuss your requirements with our team.

What is Commercial Fleet Insurance?

Very simply, commercial fleet insurance is a method of bulk buying your vehicle cover from a single provider to benefit from the discount that brings. Policies can cover small businesses with two vehicles all the way up to large businesses with fleets worth millions of pounds.

One of the main benefits fleet policies bring is just how easy they are to manage. Rather than having to spend hours setting up, renewing and paying for numerous policies, you can arrange and renew cover for your entire fleet in just a few minutes.

Another advantage of an ‘any driver’ fleet insurance policy is that any of your team who hold a valid UK driving licence and meet the relevant insurance criteria (age, driving history, convictions etc.) can drive your vehicles. That can make the business more efficient and reduce the time spent insuring new

How Much Does Commercial Fleet Insurance Cost?

As we’ve said, insuring all of your business’s vehicles on a single policy is typically far cheaper than having separate policies for each. The price you pay for commercial fleet insurance will depend on a number of factors. That includes:

  • The number of vehicles you have
  • The type of work you’re involved in
  • Where the vehicles are stored
  • Who the vehicles are driven by
  • How much mileage the vehicles cover
  • The number of drivers you want to insure on those vehicles
  • Previous Claims Experience

Tips to Secure the Best Fleet Insurance Deal

As specialist commercial fleet insurance brokers with more than 50 years of experience in the industry, we’ve picked up a thing or two along the way. Here are a few tips that could help to reduce the cost of your policy:

  • Always use a broker – As brokers, you probably think we’re bound to say that, but with such a specialist product, it really does pay to work with an expert. While you might canvass one or two insurers independently, with our panel of Fleet Insurers we have the ability to quickly provide quotations and we know which insurers to approach to place the particular risks you face.
  • Think about the profiles of your drivers – Before your renewal date, think about whether certain drivers could be pushing the price of your insurance up. For example, if you have a team of safe and reliable older drivers but one younger driver who is prone to an accident or two, it could be beneficial to remove them from the policy if their ability to drive is not essential to their role.
  • Increasing the excess – Pushing up the voluntary excess on your policy is not without consequence as it will increase your costs if you do need to make a claim. However, if you have a track record of making very few claims then raising your excess could bring the cost of your premium down. It’s a careful balancing act and one we can help you consider.
  • Secure your vehicles – Although accidents are the most common source of claims, theft, vandalism and damage to your vehicles can also play a part in driving up the costs. Securing your vehicles when not in use and even investing in vehicle tracking technology could reduce your premiums.
  • Install Telematics and/or CCTV equipment – This can improve drivers performance, help with fleet management, and aid in defending claims, which in turn can result in reduced premiums.

Other Factors to Consider

There are also a number of factors to consider that could help to simplify and improve your policy. That includes:

  • ‘Any driver’ policies – The flexibility provided by any driver fleet insurance is unrivalled. It allows all of your vehicles to be driven by any of your employees, which can make it much easier to manage your fleet. We can help you find cover for all your drivers, regardless of their age or driving history.
  • Public liability insurance – The risk you pose to the general public and your customers should not be ignored. Public liability insurance, which we can provide as part of your commercial fleet policy, will protect you and your business against claims for injury or accidental damage resulting from the negligence of you or any of your drivers. With the legal costs and compensation resulting from a claim potentially so damaging, it really does pay to put cover in place. 
  • Breakdown assistance – When the operation of your vehicles is crucial to the efficient running of your business, breakdown assistance is an optional extra that could help to keep your wheels in motion.

What Different Levels of Cover are Available?

Our commercial fleet insurance policies allow you to mix and match the level of cover you have on each vehicle. Just as with standard vehicle insurance policies, there are three levels of cover to choose from:

  • Third-party only – Cover for any third-party damages or injuries resulting from an accident with one of your vehicles. Any repairs to your own vehicles will have to be paid for yourself.
  • Third-party fire and theft – The policy will pay out for third-party damages and injuries and provide cover for your own vehicles if they are stolen or damaged by fire.
  • Fully comprehensive – You will be protected from any loss incurred as a result of an accident or the fire and theft of your vehicle.

Request a quote or get in touch to discuss your commercial fleet insurance requirements with our team.

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What makes us special?

  • 50+ Years of experience

    Clegg Gifford were formed in 1968 which means we celebrated our 50th anniversary in 2018. In our circa 50-year history, there is not much we haven’t seen! Our storied history in the Motor Trade, Taxi and Commercial Vehicle industry ensures you won’t find many better placed Brokers to deal with your unique requirements!

  • Scale of operations

    With a network of branches, Appointed Representatives and over 800 brokers we can find cover for clients in any area of the UK. We pride ourselves in being able to find bespoke solutions for unique requirements. From architects and bankers to yacht captains and zoologists, we have covered them all.

  • Nationally recognised Claims team

    As we all know far too well, claims, and claim management is a necessary part of Insurance. Consequently, good claims teams are worth their weight in gold! We are very proud of our distinguished team that have been nominated for ‘Claims Team of the Year’ two years in a row! Here is to hoping you won’t need to contact them!

  • Huge breadth of insurers

    Due to our heritage within the market, we have great relationships with a multitude of insurers across both personal and commercial lines. As always, our emphasis is on delivering you with flexible coverage options that help support your personal and commercial requirements. As a Lloyds broker we also have access to a range of London Market insurers.

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