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About Us

  • Over 50 years experience servicing the nations personal and commercial insurance requirements
  • Access to a wide variety of Insurers and Lloyds syndicates

Clegg Gifford (CG) was founded in 1968 as a general insurance broker, which later evolved into a Lloyd’s broker.

We provide a broad spectrum of both personal and commercial insurance products. CG is a well-known and well-regarded broker, with a national clientele and a heritage in the motor trade, which stretches back to its formation.

CG has always written the majority of its business directly with the public. It also has a strong wholesale identity – providing non-Lloyd’s brokers with access to Lloyd’s facilities and the London market. Additionally we are able to bind business for direct clients and wholesale brokers alike, under various binding authority agreements with insurers.

Clegg Gifford

Founding – CG was founded in 1968 as a general insurance broker, and later acquired status as a Lloyd’s broker. This provided access to unique markets and schemes by which CG could place specialist risks for its clients.

Where we are today – Today CG maintains a broad spectrum of both personal and commercial insurance products and is a well-known broker in the UK Insurance Industry, with a national clientele and a heritage in the motor trade.

Westminster Insurance

Westminster insurance is one of the best known and longest serving names in the taxi insurance market.

Westminster is a trading name of Clegg Gifford & Co Limited. Westminster provides a long-standing appointed representative network with a national footprint throughout the UK.

It’s heritage is closely linked to taxi insurance placed locally for individual licensing authorities. Since CG purchased Westminster in 2014, this has increased the breadth of facilities and products Westminster offices can offer its clients.

Our Branch Network

CG has branches across the UK and is expanding with 8 new branches launched in 2022-23.

Visit our locations page to find a branch near you Locations – Clegg Gifford (

Key Developments

In December 2014 CG purchased the Westminster insurance brand and book of business from Tradex Insurance Co Ltd. which included its nationwide network of tied appointed representatives.

Historically CG has enjoyed a strong wholesale identity – providing non-Lloyd’s brokers with access to Lloyd’s facilities, as well as being able to place business under its various binders. In December 2016, CG purchased the goodwill of the wholesale insurance arm (Tradex insurance services) from Tradex Insurance Co Ltd. This included nationwide relationships with 800 insurance brokers. The business was primarily motor trade, but included some fleet, family fleet, personality and commercial vehicle business.

Company Ownership

Clegg Gifford & Co Limited is part of Markerstudy Group

Remuneration Basis

CG are remunerated via commission on the products it sells on behalf of insurers. We may also apply fees on administrative work carried out on your policy.

In addition, CG has some agreements where the insurer will pay us an additional sum if we reach certain profit targets, this commission can also decrease based on performance.

The remuneration level is usually in line with the level of work carried out on behalf of the insurer. The greater the level of work required will usually result in higher levels of commission.

This work can include accounts, marketing, claims handling and in some instances CG also have delegated authority agreements in place for underwriting.

The level of commission can range from 10% on some motor products to 35% on some specialist commercial lines for the London and Lloyds market.

Clegg Gifford Is Focused To Be:

  1. A well respected independent broker with sustainable capacity, who work alongside insurers to service niche customer requirements in as flexible manner as possible. We want to provide solutions for both insurers seeking a sustainable, professional and knowledgeable broking distribution partner and also onwards access to customers who require bespoke policies to fit their unique circumstances.
  2. A company of dedicated individuals who are long-serving and undertake their work; diligently, productively and correctly.
  3. A company that grows and nurtures talent and provides a good livelihood for its employees with a good path to progression.
  4. A company that has a growth mind-set and is agile enough to pursue opportunities, work hard, fast and smart to become one of the top 50 largest brokers in the country.

Consumer Duty FAQ’s for our customers

As your trusted Insurance Broker, Clegg Gifford (CG) would like to provide you with information on the new Consumer Duty Principle and how CG has applied it to our business. CG endeavours to provide you with the best product possible, at a fair price and of value whilst ensuring you are supported throughout your customer journey with us and understand our policies and the supporting framework of how your insurance is provided.


1. What is Consumer Duty?

Consumer Duty builds on previous regulations such as the Insurance Distribution Directive, Treating Customers Fairly and Clear, Fair and not Misleading Communications. The Consumer Duty ensures that firms like CG are “acting to deliver good outcomes for retail customers”. Further details can be in the FCA’s final Consumer Duty rules.

2. How does Consumer Duty affect our customers?

As CG are in the distribution chain of insurance products, communicate with customers and in some instances, design, build and price certain products, CG are obligated to ensure that our customers are receiving the best quality products, pricing, value and understand what you purchase or propose to purchase. As CG has always endeavoured to provide the best possible customer service and support, we will continue to provide you with your needs.

Please also remember, that if you ever wish to speak to anybody in person, you are able to visit one of our branches. This is an especially important investment that we make; in having local representation with real humans that you can liaise with. Sometimes customers find call centres grating and so we maintain this option and welcome you to make full use of the provision if you think it would help you.

3. How are CG demonstrating compliance with the Consumer Duty?

CG has ensured all staff are aware of the Consumer Duty and training has been delivered and completed company-wide. We have completed assessments and reviews of our products (both internally and liaising with external stakeholders including insurer partners) to evidence that they still meet our customers’ needs and they work for our target market. The assessments and reviews include ensuring that the products provide fair value and pricing.

CG’s communication methods and content have been reviewed to ensure they are easy to understand and that our customers can realise the benefits of their product or service. It also ensures that you understand, where applicable, the limitations of cover (resulting from common and case law, established practice, regulation or legal principle) and that there are purposeful limitations to all insurance policies to adhere to such structures and also to help combat against, for example, fraud, which we are also charged to do. The key to this is assisting your understanding of such matters.

CG have internal policies, key information on all key areas of the business and documents to evidence how we are meeting the Consumer Duty compliance and this is an ongoing process whereby we continue to strive for improvements in all areas of our business.

4. How can CG help further?

CG always welcomes feedback from our customers. If there is anything you would like to raise with us, please feel free to contact us by email, post, phone or a visit to one of our branches.

5. Our responsibility

The Board of Directors are responsible for ensuring that Consumer Duty is properly embedded within our company. CG has assigned our very own independent Consumer Duty Champion and the topic is regularly discussed to ensure we meet our responsibility to our customers.

From humble beginnings…

Our Sub-Brands

  • brands_1
    Clegg Gifford Insurance

    A nationwide broker formed in 1968. CG provide a broad spectrum of both personal and commercial insurance products.

  • brands_2
    Tradex Insurance Services

    CG’s wholesale arm which provides 1000 UK brokers with commercial motor products and access to the Lloyd’s market.

  • cg guernsey
    Clegg Gifford Guernsey

    Providing Guernsey with flexible and competitive insurance for over 25 years.

  • brands_4
    Westminster Insurance

    Westminster insurance is one of the best known and longest serving names in the taxi insurance market.

Our Product Areas

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