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What is the MID?

The Motor Insurance Database (MID) is a database of all insured vehicles in the UK. Managed by the Motor Insurer’s Bureau, it is used by the Police in conjunction with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) to  administer motor insurance laws.

How can I check if my vehicle is on the MID?

To check if your vehicles are currently registered to the MID please see the following link:

Is it possible for my information to not be recorded on the MID?

Recording your vehicles on the MID is required by law for all motor insurers.

For how long will my data be stored on the MID

Your information is stored on the MID for 7 years.

What are the consequences for not recording vehicles on the MID?

Even if you have the necessary insurance, if your vehicle has not been recorded on the MID your vehicle may be seized by the police or you may receive an Insurance Advisory Letter (IAL).

If my vehicle is not showing on the MID, what do I do?

If your vehicle is not on the MID, you can either click the “Update MID” button at the top of this page and fill out the necessary details. Alternatively, you can contact us on 01708 982 857 or for any MID queries , additions or changes.

What do I do if incorrect details are showing on the MID?

If incorrect details are showing on the MID please contact us on 01708 982 857 or and inform us of any required changes.

Do the police have access to the MID?

The police are directly able to access the MID to identify any uninsured vehicles.

Can ANPR cameras use data stored on the MID?

The information which is retained on the MID can be used by ANPR cameras to identify uninsured vehicles.

Will the police contact my insurer for queries about my MID records?

If the police have any questions regarding your MID records they may call the MIB’s Police Helpline or contact your insurer to check your car insurance details.

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