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Motor Trade Insurance

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Motor Trade Insurance Quotes

At Clegg Gifford, we are the largest motor trade insurance broker in the country and work directly with a number of the UK’s leading motor trade insurance companies. Our policies provide cover for all aspects of the motor trade business; from part-time car dealers based at home, through to mechanics, accessory fitters and dealers of all shapes and sizes.

We have been placing motor trade risks since 1967, so there isn’t much we haven’t seen in our time. That means, whatever risks you face, we can tailor the protection you need.

What Cover Is Provided By A Motor Trade Policy?

Motor trade insurance is a catch-all term for a group of policies for businesses and individuals working in the motor industry. The possible scenarios each business or individual faces depend very much on the particular business type.

There are a number of different motor trade occupations from home to car valets, vehicle mechanics, MOT centres, vehicle dismantlers and much more. Regardless of the size of the business or your place of work, you need motor trade cover that protects your business against the risks you face.

Other Risks Motor Trade Insurance Can Cover

The number of extras that can be included as part of your motor trade insurance policy is almost limitless. Some may be included as standard, while others may be added for an additional premium. Some of the typical additions to a motor trade insurance policy include:

  • Public liability insurance
  • Employers’ liability insurance
  • Premises cover
  • Cover for driving overseas
  • Business interruption insurance
  • Goods in transit cover
  • Business stock/office contents cover

How Can Clegg Gifford Help?

The cover you need will depend very much on you and your business. In some cases, you may already have coverage from another source. As a specialist motor trade insurance broker, it is our job to discuss your specific requirements with you and assess your needs. We then find a motor insurance policy that protects you against those risks without spending a penny for cover you don’t need.

Looking For Motor Trade Insurance Quotes?

We know that when you’re busy working in the motor trade, the last thing you want is to spend hours trying to find a suitable insurance policy. At Clegg Gifford, we can provide you with a quick, free and no-obligation quote, and all it takes is a few minutes of your time.

Just click the ‘Get A Quote’ button and enter your contact information, a few details about your motor trade business and the type of policy you’re looking for. We’ll then use our unrivalled contacts in the industry to find the best policy and knock up to 50% off the cost of your existing premium.

Alternatively, if you’d like to discuss your requirements with our expert team, please get in touch with us by going to our contact page.

What Is Motor Trade Insurance?

Very simply, motor trade insurance provides protection for anyone who works in the motor trade. Given the wide range of roles in the motor trade industry, the type of cover businesses need can vary widely. That’s why it so important that you deal with a specialist broker who can tailor a policy that provides all the cover you need without wasting a penny on protection you don’t.

One of the most important aspects of a motor trade insurance policy is road risks cover that allows you and/or your employees to drive customers’ vehicles and vehicles your business owns. However, a policy can also protect a business against accidental damage that could be caused when working on a vehicle or even cover tools, buildings and contents.

Do I Need Motor Trade Insurance?

The simple answer is yes, if you are working in the motor industry. If you operate a business in the motor trade industry but do not have a relevant policy in place then you are breaking the law. This applies to all motor trade businesses, from self-employed sole traders to those running private limited companies. So, if you have responsibility for other people’s vehicles, make sure you put cover in place. You may also have to prove you have the necessary insurance to join a trade body.

To qualify for a motor trade insurance policy, you must run a genuine business that generates an income and have the documentation to prove it. That’s to prevent individuals from using motor trade insurance as a way to get cover to drive multiple private vehicles. You can find out more by getting in touch with us now or asking for a free quote below.

What Type Of Cover Does Motor Trade Insurance Provide?

We have already provided some details about the type of cover included in many motor trade insurance policies, but there are also a wide range of additional features you may wish to consider. That includes:

  • Road risks – Most motor trade insurance policies will include some protection for road risks. This type of policy names the driver to be insured and not the vehicle. That allows you to drive your own or customers’ vehicles for motor trade purposes. If you don’t need to drive vehicles on public roads for business purposes then you could consider a parts only policy.
  • Parts only cover – Depending on the nature of your business, you may have the option to choose parts only cover. This is the most basic level of motor trade insurance available which can help to keep the costs down.
  • Combined motor trade insurance – This type of policy provides a full range of cover for everything from premises, money, vehicles, tools, liabilities and contents. This can cover traders who operate from home and commercial premises and ensures every aspect of their business is protected.
  • Public liability – If you operate from a premises that customers visit then it is your responsibility to provide a safe environment. Public liability insurance can provide cover against compensation claims from members of the public who are injured or suffer a loss as a result of your business.
  • Employers’ liability – If you employ one or more members of staff then it is a legal requirement that you put employers’ liability insurance in place. This can be included as part of your motor trade insurance policy.
  • Product liability – This protects your business against the claims that could arise if you fitted a faulty part to a customer’s vehicle.
  • Any drivers – Any driver policies will cover your staff to drive vehicles from cars and vans to HGVs. This type of policy is likely to be more expensive, so make sure you only cover employees for the vehicles they need to drive.
  • Material damage – If you run a motor dealership then this will cover you for any damage done to vehicles you own but intend to sell.

Learn more about our service by contacting us or asking for a free quote below.

Is Motor Trade Insurance Mandatory?

Motor trade insurance is an essential requirement for anyone in the motor trade industry. Every time you take a vehicle out on the road it’s essential you have the proper insurance in place. This will cover you to drive cars bought at auction, test drive cars you’ve repaired and much more.

As well as driving customers’ cars and your own vehicles, you’re also likely to need motor trade insurance if customers’ vehicles come under your ‘care, custody and control’. That means that if you own a car-valeting company, restore vehicles, repossess cars or operate a scrap yard, you’ll need motor trade insurance in some form.

Understand more about this service by getting in touch with our team now.

How Does Motor Trade Insurance Work?

If you’re new to the motor trade industry, it’s not always easy to understand how motor trade insurance works and what cover you need. At Clegg Gifford, our team of experts are on hand to answer any questions you may have. If you are unable to find the answers you’re looking for then please do not hesitate to give us a call. There are a lot of additional features to consider so finding the perfect fit for your business might not be straightforward.

You may also have some elements of cover such as employers’ or public liability insurance from another source, so it’s well worth considering that too.

What Level Of Motor Trade Insurance Cover Do I Need?

As well as determining the different elements of your motor trade insurance policy, you also have to make a decision about the level of road risk cover you’re going to need. There are three options, with third party being the cheapest and comprehensive the most expensive.

  • Third party – Legally, this is the minimum requirement to drive a vehicle on public roads. This provides cover for damage, loss or injury to third parties and their vehicles but will not pay out for injury or damage caused to you or your vehicle.
  • Third party fire and theft – As well as the cover provided by third party insurance, this type of policy pays out for damage, theft, fire or loss of vehicles under the motor trader’s custody or control.
  • Comprehensive – In addition to the protection provided by the above, you will also be covered for accidental damage done to any customer’s vehicles under your custody or control, or that you own.

You should also consider the maximum level of indemnity you require to keep your exposure to a minimum. Find out more about motor trade insurance policies by speaking to one of our team now.

Motor Trade FAQs

1. Can I drive any motor vehicle?

Our motor trade policy will insure you to drive any of your own vehicles and vehicles in your possession for motor trade. Underwriters may restrict the type of vehicle, so it’s best to check your policy schedule.

If you are unsure, call the customer service team on: 01708 982661.

2. Can drivers have social usage?

Yes, we can arrange cover to include social usage for drivers on your policy, subject to Underwriting considerations.

3. Am I insured for sports and high-performance vehicles?

All policies are rated individually on their own merits, but we can provide coverage for sports vehicles up to ABI group 50, if required.

4. Can I drive a vehicle without road tax?

It is only possible to drive a vehicle without road tax if there are trade plates on the vehicle. Trade plates can be applied for via the DVLA.

5. What vehicles are excluded from the motor trade policy?

As policies are assessed on a case-by-case basis, acceptance criteria will depend on individual circumstances. Generally speaking, we have the ability to provide cover on all vehicles.

If you would like to upgrade the allowed ABI grouping on your motor trade policy, speak to the customer service team on: 01708 982661.

6. Can I add motor bikes to my motor trade policy?

Yes, we can add motor bikes to your motor trade policy. As always, acceptance is subject to Underwriting considerations.

7. Can I increase my cover motor trade insurance coverage mid-term?

Yes, give the customer service team a call on: 01708 982661.

8. What options are available for demonstration cover?

We can arrange demonstration cover on a third party only or comprehensive basis. Both options are available as accompanied, or unaccompanied. As always, acceptance is subject to Underwriting considerations.

9. What is vehicle indemnity?

The vehicle indemnity is the maximum pay out per incident, set on your policy for accidental damage, fire and theft claims.

It is possible to increase your motor trade indemnity at any time. As always, acceptance is subject to Underwriting considerations.

10. Do you insure younger drivers?

We can consider younger drivers, although acceptance is subject to Underwriting considerations.

For younger drivers, it may be worth considering our ‘Bonus Booster’ policy.

11. Can I use my private car bonus on a motor trade policy?

As long as your NCB is valid, we can look to offer an introductory discount of some sort.

12. Can I add public liability coverage to my motor trade policy?

Yes, we can add a range of additional coverages to your motor trade policy. We can also cover:

  • Employers / Products Liability
  • Buildings / contents / rent
  • Computers / Diagnostic equipment
  • Fixed plant and machinery
  • High risk stock
  • Vehicles in: buildings / compound / open
  • Tools
  • Business interruption
  • Money Cover
  • Specified all risks

13. What additional Insurance cover can I add to my motor trade policy?

  • Public / Employers / Products Liability
  • Buildings / contents / rent
  • Computers / Diagnostic equipment
  • Fixed plant and machinery
  • High risk stock
  • Vehicles in: buildings / compound / open
  • Tools
  • Business interruption
  • Money Cover
  • Specified all risks

If you would like to add any of the above to a new or existing policy, speak to the customer service team on: 01708 982661.

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  • 50+ Years of experience

    Clegg Gifford were formed in 1968 which means we celebrated our 50th anniversary in 2018. In our circa 50-year history, there is not much we haven’t seen! Our storied history in the Motor Trade, Taxi and Commercial Vehicle industry ensures you won’t find many better placed Brokers to deal with your unique requirements!

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    With a network of branches, Appointed Representatives and over 800 brokers we can find cover for clients in any area of the UK. We pride ourselves in being able to find bespoke solutions for unique requirements. From architects and bankers to yacht captains and zoologists, we have covered them all.

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