Existing Customers

Here are some simple tips for existing clients with current policies with us. 
If you are a UK customer you will have had your business written through one of two offices, our main office at Romford or the Peterborough office. If you cannot remember which office, there are two ways of telling. Firstly please check the telephone numbers on the paperwork we have sent you. If the number begins with 01708 then it has been dealt with by our Romford office. If the number begins 01733 then it is Peterborough you will need to speak to.
Secondly, your policy number should look like this 08-CLTX01 the number at the front gives the branch and the second part is a policy number unique to you with four letters followed by two numbers.

If you have a policy number which looks like L/ROM/00001 or other references similar to this format the ROM reference refers to the Romford office, EDN refers to Edinburgh and any WST refers to Westminster. 
At any point if you wish to speak to a human, you can always call the head office switchboard on; 01708 971000.
For adjustments or enquiries on motor trade policies at head office please call 01708 982661. 
Or for Guernsey 01481 728 987
Peterborough 01733 569555 

Find out how to:

Or if you bought your policy online then you can login to manage your policy online by logging in using the form to the right. If you are not sure just check whether your policy number begins with "WP/"- if it does then you can login.

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