Road traffic accident:

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident or incident call us immediately on 0343 903 1892 open 24 hours.

Breakdown Assistance:

Call 0800 132450 open 24 hours

Windscreen or glass repairs:

Tradex Policyholders: 0330 1246546  or click the following link

Clegg Gifford Policyholders:  0330 1247931

ERS Policyholders: 0345 6023378 open 24 hours


Clegg Gifford’s Claims department will guide you through the claims process from first notification through to settlement.

We handle claims made against your policy as well as any claim you may make against a Third Party’s policy. You will find our claims handlers to be helpful, supportive and knowledgeable, and we will endeavour to provide you with the best claims service we can.

Our Claims department handles claims for the various products we offer, and will notify insurers where appropriate. However informing Clegg Gifford does not detract from your duty to make insurers aware of the loss where they have stipulated that you do so, this is predominantly the case in some commercial insurance products.

Motor Claims - In the event of a motor accident it is important that you contact us immediately so that we may deal with any third parties as well as any passengers you might have.

Failure to notify us may result in an increased excess and any incurred claims costs maybe recovered against yourself. The cost of claims have increased dramatically in recent years and the sooner we are notified the greater the potential for bringing down the cost. Even if the accident has resulted in no damage being caused, we still require that we are informed and we remind clients that just because a third party say they will not claim, in our experience they invariably do.

We also strongly recommend that in the event of an accident you contact us first before contacting either a third party solicitor or credit hire company to provide you with a hire car. We can arrange such facilities for you and will aid you through the claims process providing advice and support as necessary.

In the event of a claim please contact us on 0343 903 1892