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Clegg Gifford welcomes you to our latest location in handsome Harrogate

Bringing the best Broking to Harrogate to serve all your insurance needs!   Our fantastic local expert team will be joined by the super Mr Unique and Miss Flexible brand ambassador superheroes!   This is your opportunity to get to know us, have free fizz, food, and of course, enjoy your time. It’s all on […]

Written by on 07/06/23

Clegg Gifford proudly announces our latest location in beautiful Brighton

Bringing the best Broking to Brighton for our biggest and boldest branch launch yet!   Our fantastic local expert team will be joined by the super Mr Unique and Miss Flexible brand ambassador superheroes!   As well as Made in Chelsea stars Robbie Mullett and Joel Mignott.   Please RSVP to to secure your […]

Written by on 06/20/23

Clegg Gifford proudly announces our latest location in the heart of Hull

CG has had a Westminster insurance representative in Hull servicing the needs of our loyal customers for over 20 years. Our new branch location in Hull brings the heritage of 3 insurance household names: – CLEGG GIFFORD – WESTMINSTER – TRADEX Together in one place conveniently situated in a beautiful historic building in the heart […]

Written by on 03/09/23

Kelly’s Career – The Award Winning Woman

Part 3 – The Award Winning Woman  Kelly’s career is a three-part interview with Clegg Gifford’s Operations Director, Kelly Lane. This third and final segment is published to coincide with International Women’s Day in recognition of Kelly’s contributions to the progression of women in the insurance industry.   For parts one and two please follow […]

Written by on 03/07/23

Kelly’s Career – it Takes a Team

What motivates you? My team motivates me, 100% and the people I meet along the way.  I really do pride myself on having a fabulous team.  I always try to lead from the front. I can often be found putting the desks together, cleaning toilets and kitchens, unloading lorries in the building of the new […]

Written by on 02/28/23

Toby Clegg on his career for Insurance Careers Month

Toby Clegg, Clegg Gifford’s Chief Executive Officer and self-described “jack of all trades”, tells us about company sustainability, motivation and what it really takes to see the opportunity for growth. He begins by describing his start at CG. I mishandled the filing in our Ilford office, our first office when I was a child.  So […]

Written by on 02/27/23

Kelly’s Career – A three-part series with our Operations Director Kelly Lane

The indispensable Kelly Lane, Operations Director at Clegg Gifford talks us through her daily life at CG.  Seven years into her tenure she leads the Operations Department which is the engine room of this award-winning Lloyd’s broker.  Kelly begins by telling us how she came to work in insurance: I got headhunted for a specific […]

Written by on 02/24/23

Liverpool Branch Announcement

We are local, we are long serving, we are Liverpool. Clegg Gifford is delighted to announce that we will be growing our presence in the City. Taking the legacy of our Westminster Insurance brand which has been serving the local community since 1947, into the fold at our new branch location Clegg Gifford & Co Liverpool. Our Office will serve […]

Written by on 01/11/23

Colchester Branch Announcement

Clegg Gifford is bringing creative cover to the Colchester High Street! Our Clegg Gifford Superhero team Mr Unique and Miss Flexible will be celebrating our Grand Opening in Colchester on Wednesday 16th November 2022 from 2pm – come and celebrate with us! We have a rich and long history in the Colchester area with our Westminster insurance broker […]

Written by on 11/08/22

Sheffield Branch Announcement

CG Superheroes Save Sheffield from Shoddy insurance Sheffield fear not! Our Clegg Gifford Insurance Heroes are coming to help. Mr Unique and Miss Flexible have been zooming up and down the country, opening new Clegg Gifford branches – bringing unique and bespoke policies, with flexible and tailored underwriting with them. The CG super team are […]

Written by on 11/08/22