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Uber Private Hire Insurance

Uber Private Hire Insurance Specialist private hire insurance for Uber drivers An array of options for cover Award-winning Claim service

Written by on 03/28/23

Professional Liabilities

Professional Liabilities Appetite Wide array of coverage options and occupations available Cover available for Solicitors, Architects and Engineers

Written by on 08/12/21

Property / Material Damage

Property / Material Damage Appetite Cover available for: Buildings, Stock, Machinery, Vehicles, Tools and more Pair property cover with Liability or Road Risk for one renewal date

Written by on 08/12/21

Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance Appetite Public, Employers & Products Liability available from a wide variety of Insurers Dovetail Liability coverage with Road Risk or Material Damage

Written by on 08/12/21

Miscellaneous Insurance

Miscellaneous Insurance Appetite Bespoke policies available from specialist Lloyd’s Insurers Products available include: Marine Cargo, Aviation, Media & Entertainment

Written by on 08/12/21

Private Car / Family Fleet

Private Car / Family Fleet Appetite Cover all your clients vehicles under one succinct policy (including commercial vehicles) Flexible acceptance criteria for younger or inexperienced drivers

Written by on 08/12/21

Taxi / Taxi Fleet

Taxi / Taxi Fleet Appetite Wide acceptance criteria, including distressed business Telematics options available for clients

Written by on 08/12/21

Motor Trade

Motor Trade Appetite Wide acceptance criteria on occupations, drivers & vehicles Combine Road Risk with Liability & Property cover

Written by on 08/12/21