Commercial Vehicle Insurance

We're not a comparison site, meerly a broker
whose policies cover where others can't!

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Commercial Vehicle Insurance

We are not a price comparison site and proud not to be so. Rather, we are a broker that provides options on lowering your premium and caters for flexible requirements – our flexible policies can accommodate where others can’t - that’s what makes our car insurance policies popular. 

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Our options allow you to:

  • Quotes for single vehicles, small or large commercial fleets
  • Place multiple vehicles under one policy.
  • Take a higher excess to bring down the premium you pay. 
  • Young drivers are covered, and with a parental guarantee for a higher excess – can have substantially reduced premiums.
  • A No claims bonus earned by each driver; including younger drivers. We can cater for those with an adverse claims record or no bonus.
  • Factor in SORN and seldom used vehicles to provide a cheaper quote.
  • Cover multiple drivers – or have an ‘Any Authorised Driver’ option.
  • Discounts for those who cycle to work, do not commute or are away for substantial periods.
  • Short –term policies. 
  • Specially adapted, modified and special usage vehicles.
  • For commercial work undertaken, we are unique in providing customised certificates for your specific occupation(s).
  • Unusual policies and requests for flexible cover terms. 
  • Local Authority requirements protected
  • Personal vehicles covered on fleet polices and extended for business use