Temporary Van Insurance

Transit van man? Or a Transporter?
A huge range of occupations covered by our Commercial Vehicle policy

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Short Term Van Insurance

We can arrange immediate cover for vans and other commercial vehicles. This can be a short term policy, anywhere from a day’s cover – right through to 6 months, with rolling monthly renewals if required.

We will consider all types of vehicles and all types of uses – we are known for our flexibility and speak to one of our friendly brokers on 01708 678 585 they will be able to quote you and get you on cover quickly and with minimum fuss!  

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Our options allow you to:

  • Quotes for single vehicles, small or large commercial fleets
  • Place multiple vehicles under one policy.
  • Take a higher excess to bring down the premium you pay. 
  • Young drivers are covered, and with a parental guarantee for a higher excess – can have substantially reduced premiums.
  • A No claims bonus earned by each driver; including younger drivers. We can cater for those with an adverse claims record or no bonus.
  • Factor in SORN and seldom used vehicles to provide a cheaper quote.
  • Cover multiple drivers – or have an ‘Any Authorised Driver’ option.
  • Discounts for those who cycle to work, do not commute or are away for substantial periods.
  • Short term policies. 
  • Specially adapted, modified and special usage vehicles.
  • For commercial work undertaken, we are unique in providing customised certificates for your specific occupation(s).
  • Unusual policies and requests for flexible cover terms. 
  • Local Authority requirements protected.
  • Personal vehicles covered on fleet polices and extended for business use