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Courier Insurance

If you earn your living by delivering goods in a van or lorry, whether as a one-man band or running a multi-vehicle operation, then you need courier insurance to make sure you’re properly covered against the unique risks you face.

Courier insurance is designed for those who make multiple drop-offs as opposed to the delivery of a single load, which is more likely to be covered by a hauliers’ policy. But whether you’re a van courier, a delivery driver or even a fast food delivery professional, we can tailor the specific cover you require.

What Cover Do You Need?

That really depends. Courier firms come in all shapes and sizes, so we get to know you and your business and understand the particular risks you face. We can then tailor a policy that provides only the cover you need.   

Some courier insurance policies can be quite basic and provide essential cover for damage to your vehicle, third-party vehicles, property and injury to you and other people. At Clegg Gifford Insurance, we can also include a wide range of additional cover if required, to create a single, flexible and affordable policy that meets the specific needs of your business.

What Additional Covers Can We Provide?

We offer a range of courier insurance options and can quote on an individual or fleet basis and for a variety of occupations within the courier market. Our courier policy features include:

  • ‘Any driver' and 'specified driver' policies
  • Comprehensive, third party fire and theft and third-party only policies
  • Fleets and multi-vehicle policies
  • Payment options including short-period payments and direct debit options
  • Short term insurance options/monthly policies
  • Goods in Transit
  • Public and employers’ liabilities
  • Bonus protection
  • Breakdown cover
  • Specially adapted, modified and special usage vehicles
  • A no claims bonus earned by each driver, including younger drivers. We can also cater for those with an adverse claims record or no bonus
  • Poor credit risks/insolvency and those with criminal convictions
  • Cover to drive other vehicles
  • Windscreen cover
  • Money cover

Our experienced team of courier insurance specialists work with the leading UK insurers and know where to turn to find the cover you need at the very best price. We also work quickly and professionally so you can concentrate on running your courier business. Get in touch to discuss your requirements or request a quote today. 

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