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Courier Insurance

We offer a range of Courier insurance options and can quote on an individual or fleet basis and for a variety of occupations within the courier market.

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Our Courier policy features:

  • 'Any Driver' and 'Specified Driver' policies
  • Comprehensive, Third Party Fire and Theft and Third party only policies
  • Fleets and multi-vehicle policies
  • Payment options including short-period payments and Direct Debit options.
  • Short term insurance options/monthly policies
  • Flexible levels of indemnity
  • Goods in Transit - £10,000 included as standard
  • Liabilities: Public & Employers
  • Bonus protection
  • Breakdown cover
  • Take a higher excess to bring down the premium you pay.
  • Specially adapted, modified and special usage vehicles.
  • A No claims bonus earned by each driver; including younger drivers. We can cater for those with an adverse claims record or no bonus.
  • Poor credit risks / insolvency and those with criminal convictions.