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Breakdown and Recovery Services Insurance

Finding the right insurance for your breakdown and recovery business doesn’t have to be difficult. At Clegg Gifford Insurance, we have years of experience putting the right protection in place for everything from small individual breakdown agents to garages and fleet operations.

Even if your operations include much more than just breakdown and recovery, such as storage, the sale of vehicles, goods in transit and plenty more besides, we can put the flexible policy you need in place. 

Protecting Your Livelihood

Anyone who works in the recovery business will know that finding suitable and affordable cover can be challenging. That’s due to the fact that breakdown and recovery insurance is often considered to be a high-risk category. However, as motor trade specialists, we know where to turn to find competitive insurance policies that cover every eventuality. We provide:

  • Policies tailored to the particular risks you face
  • Multiple cover options
  • Cover for premises and contents within
  • Quick service to get you covered quickly

What Cover Do We Offer?

Our policies are designed specifically for breakdown and recovery services. They cover your own vehicles including your breakdown truck and customers’ vehicles while worked upon, towed or transported. As part of your motor trade policy we can also cover any buying and selling activities and your everyday vehicles – including bikes, vans, cars and even classic or vehicles being restored/declared SORN. 

Some options for cover include:

  • Available for road risks only or with business premises (combined) and for full or part-time occupations
  • Premises or mobile
  • Goods in transit
  • Road risks: customers’ vehicles, own business vehicles, family/employee cars
  • Premises: stock, fixtures & fittings, tools & equipment
  • Public liability insurance
  • Employers’ liability insurance
  • And more…

How Can Clegg Gifford Help?

We work with our customers to tailor a single policy that covers all the risks they face. If you’re looking for breakdown and recovery services insurance, we will assess your business before finding a flexible and affordable policy that meets your specific needs. Request a quote or get in touch today.

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