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Importer and Exporter Insurance

Many businesses in the motor trade will have to move cars around a showroom or drive customers’ cars over short distances, but very few will drive them across borders and potentially hundreds or even thousands of miles. Those that do clearly face a very specific range of risks which only vehicle importer and exporter insurance can protect them against. 

Whether you bring cars or specialist equipment and car parts into the country or send them overseas, having the correct protection in place is essential. And that’s exactly where we can help. 

What Cover Do You Need?

We provide cover for all types of vehicle importers and exporters, from self-employed traders working at home on a part-time basis to businesses with multiple premises and their own teams. 

No matter how you operate, we get to know you and your business to provide the specific cover you need. That includes the road risks while transporting the vehicles, the subsequent storage and the selling on or delivery of vehicles of all shapes and sizes. We can also provide public and employers' liability cover as well as office contents, stock and other equipment.

What Type of Additional Cover Is Available?

We cover businesses that import and export vehicles and require a road risks policy, but may also need a complete ‘throughput’ policy to cover stock vehicles or those in transit. This is available annually or on single transits. We also provide road risks cover for the movement of vehicles, storage and cargo insurance and can cater for the different covers an importer or exporter may need.

Our complete business insurance package includes:

• Motor trade
• Fleet
• Distribution of vehicles
• Family vehicles
• Goods in Transit 

How Can We Help?

When it comes to import and export insurance, you might not know whether you’re coming or going, but at Clegg Gifford, we make sure all your risks are covered. By getting to know your business, we can tailor your vehicle importer and exporter insurance to meet your specific needs, bringing together all the different elements in one flexible, affordable policy. Request a quote or for more information, please get in touch with our team. 


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