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Part-time Motor Trade Insurance

Every motor-trade business is different. While some car dealers, mechanics, crash repairers and car restorers might work from a commercial premises and have their own team, others are one-man bands who work part-time and from home. 

Part-time motor trade insurance is the perfect policy for those who have another occupation outside the motor trade. This allows them to buy and sell vehicles or work on their motor trade activities as a hobby or business while having the cover they need in place. 

What Type of Cover Do You Need?

Our part-time motor trade insurance policies can cover your own permanently owned vehicles, or those you are currently working on, testing or simply planning to sell-on. Furthermore, if you’re buying and selling vehicles on a part-time basis, this policy will enable you to register the vehicles for the Motor Insurance Database (MID) and remove them when the time comes.  Other occupations or vehicle uses can also be added.  

What Cover Can Be Included?

We get to know you and your business and tailor our policies accordingly, creating a single, flexible and affordable policy that provides the protection you need. Your cover can include: 

• Vehicles at your premises
• Goods and vehicles whilst in transit
• Storage and refurbishment 
• Vehicles away at sub-contractors premises 
• Vehicles kept under SORN and vehicles in the course of restoration can be covered for fire, theft and accidental damage 
• Family vehicles can also be included for social, domestic and pleasure use or other business or professional uses disclosed to us
• Vehicles that are rarely driven or driven to display meetings  

How Can We Help?

Our flexible part-time motor trade insurance policies allow you to access the specific cover you need. That means you don’t have to specialise only in one aspect of the motor trade while having the necessary protection in place. Get in touch to discuss your requirements or request a quote today.  

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