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Valet Parking Insurance

Valet parking insurance allows you and your staff to drive, move and park the vehicles your customers have entrusted to you. This cover is ideal for clubs, restaurants, event organisers and wedding parkers as well as airport, ferry terminal and other car-park based risks.

Whether you run a valet parking company and employ your own team, or have hired a valet parking firm to handle your customers’ parking needs, it’s essential you have the right level of cover in place.
Valet parking generally comes in two forms – meet & greet and park & ride. We can offer cover for both but they are restricted to a radius.

What Should Valet Insurance Cover? 

The most important thing to consider when choosing the right valet insurance for you is the liability issues. The risks you face include damage caused to a customer’s car as well as the harm that could be done to pedestrians and other drivers in the event of an accident. Given the severity of these risks, it is essential you have a sufficient level of liability coverage in place. 

A good policy will include the following liability covers:

• Public liability – Covers any injury to a person or damage to their property caused by you or a member of your valet team. 
• Employers’ liability – This policy is a legal requirement for any valet parking business with employees and provides cover for job-related injuries and illnesses. 

Other Cover Options

We tailor valet parking insurance policies to meet your particular requirements. That includes:
• Flexible customer vehicle indemnity limits
• Static parking risks
• Specified driver, any authorised driver and any employee policies
• Other usages for the directors or owners of the firm, including social, domestic and pleasure use for company vehicles or personal vehicles used for business
• Office contents and equipment
• Loss of use of customers’ vehicles

We will also consider giving ‘commercial consideration’, which provides cover beyond the standard refines of your policy. Basically, it is a contingency insurance that ensures that should something happen to a valued customer’s vehicle where there’s doubt as to the fault, our commercial consideration extension ensures there are no protracted arguments over who is strictly liable. This can protect your relationship with that customer.

How Can We Help?

We discuss your requirements with you and get to know your business before tailoring a valet parking insurance policy that meets your specific needs. We then use our leading panel of insurers to find the very best price. Get in touch to discuss your requirements or request a quote today.  

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