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Insurance For Those With a Poor Claims History

  • Easy route back to a full bonus with our help
  • ‘Bonus Booster’ Motor policy that enables you to earn a full year’s bonus after six months available

Insurance for those with a poor claims history

If there were no claims, there would be no insurance industry…

Having a claim needn’t be the end of the line as far as your insurance history is concerned. Luck is not universally dispersed and so some of us have accidents – and the unlucky ones may have several in a single year.

You may have had a blemish free insurance history for years – and having has accidents or made claims, suddenly find yourself on the receiving end of large premium increases.

We have a route to getting you back towards earning a full bonus. For those with claims, we are willing to explore ways of bringing down the premium you pay. This includes short-term policies, specifically our ‘Bonus Booster’ policy. Our Bonus Booster policy is a 6 month policy whereby upon a claim free renewal, a full 1 year no claim discount will be applied to a new annual policy taken out. Please be advised, this is insurer specific and does not mean that you have 1 year no claim bonus, instead it will allow for discount to be applied to an annual policy. Proof of no claims bonus will therefore not be issued until 18 consecutive months claims free.

We also cater for short term policies of a month, or on a recurring basis – again unlike other insurers, we wont treat these in isolation; if you continue a program of monthly policies, you will earn a bonus with us and the sooner we can get you back onto an insurers bonus scheme the better for all involved.

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Welcome to CG TV

Welcome to CG TV

A collection of videos which outline Clegg Gifford’s products and other useful information.

  • Discover more about the products and services we can offer, for both personal and commercial insurances.
  • Check out our trade specific ‘overviews’ which can help determine the right coverage options for your business.
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What makes us special?

  • 50+ Years of experience

    Clegg Gifford were formed in 1968 which means we celebrated our 50th anniversary in 2018. In our circa 50-year history, there is not much we haven’t seen! Our storied history in the Motor Trade, Taxi and Commercial Vehicle industry ensures you won’t find many better placed Brokers to deal with your unique requirements!

  • Scale of operations

    With a network of branches, Appointed Representatives and over 800 brokers we can find cover for clients in any area of the UK. We pride ourselves in being able to find bespoke solutions for unique requirements. From architects and bankers to yacht captains and zoologists, we have covered them all.

  • Nationally recognised Claims team

    As we all know far too well, claims, and claim management is a necessary part of Insurance. Consequently, a good claims teams are worth their weight in gold! We are very proud of our distinguished team that have been nominated for ‘Claims Team of the Year’ two years in a row! Here is to hoping you won’t need to contact them!

  • Huge breadth of insurers

    Due to our heritage within the market, we have great relationships with a multitude of insurers across both personal and commercial lines. As always, our emphasis is on delivering you with flexible coverage options that help support your personal and commercial requirements. As a Lloyds broker we also have access to a range of London Market insurers.

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