Left your car at a holiday home?
We provide insurance for cars left abroad

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Insurance for cars left abroad

We can cover vehicles left abroad for a period of time – at a holiday home or other premises, so long as the vehicle is still registered on UK plates. It may be that the vehicle makes infrequent trips back to the UK, but maintains its registration here but is kept predominantly aboard.

So long as you disclose this to us and have evidence of the location, we can provide policies on an annual or short-term basis, or include the vehicle(s) as part of a family fleet package – which will include your everyday vehicles as well.

We can also cover vehicles in transit – or those that require insurance cover for registration purposes, especially imported foreign vehicles.

Either way – call us today on 01708 982 661 and one of our brokers will be able to provide guidance on what might be suitable for you.

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